Loses In The Sydney And New South Wales After Strong Winds Gusts

06-Jul-2014 The state emergency service (SES) asked the people to inspect trees on their places after strong winds gusts in Sydney. They fulfilled almost 78 tasks on the beach sides on Sunday. SES got more than 400 calls for help only in Sydney region.

The Prediction of SES and BOM

The state emergency service (SES) asked the people to stay in the home after the incident of Saturday because they thought that, they will again have the same wind gusts on Sunday. Strong breezes came across the state on Saturday afternoon; even the snow fell on the Blue Mountain.

The winds got ease on Saturday night but still Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said that strong winds will again hit the Sydney on Sunday. The BOM said the highest wind gusts at Nowra would be 104km/h, in Thredbo 109km/h, and in Moss Vale 93km/h in the southern areas. According to them, the wind gusts will be 60km/h to 100km/h in Sydney.

Loses they had on Saturday:

On Saturday afternoon in Liverpool an ambulance station was hit by a tree in Sydney’s south-west. That tree destroyed the one ambulance and five cars.

In the south area of Kurnell city, a house lost its roof in the wind gusts, reported by SES. On Saturday, the area of Wakehurst Parkway and other roads at Seaforth got closed because a tree fell on their power lines and brought them down.

Loses they had on Sunday:

In Chesterman Cres, a tree fell through the road. A tree fell on the house roof at inverness Ave, and another tree fell in the backyard pool, in the Hudson Pde, Clareville area. Because of this reason SES asked people to check the tree at their property. They said “we can prevent more damage, if the infected trees will be removed before another storm will hit them.”

According to SES, they removed 71 fallen trees from the roads and roofs.

Get more info here: http://www.ses.nsw.gov.au/