National Tree Day To Celebrate With Nature

17-Jul-2014 National Tree Day – Sunday, 27 July

National Tree Day

People celebrate the National Tree Day to replace those trees which have cut down and to make resources sustainable. On this day, they plant more trees than the quantity of trees which have been cut down.

Some of the Australian trees species are in danger of extinction because those trees have been cut down in massive numbers, and other have been overwhelmed by trees brought in from overseas. When you talk about Australian trees, many people will think of eucalyptus, but still there is diverse range of Australian trees which are very famous around the globe. 

In 1788, when the leading fleet arrived Australia there were so many uncontrolled tree loggings. These days total amount of the tree cuttings have been strictly controlled by legislation. Still every year they cut down millions of trees in Australian forests to clear land or for logging purpose.

The great thing is that every year people plant more trees compare to the trees which have lost. They plant them for the sake of timber, to replace forests, to increase greenery, to increase the fresh air or to increase the landscape’s beauty.

This year National Tree Day will test the green thumb of Shellharbour city. In New South Wales, Shellharbour city is located in Illawarra region.

The Planet Ark claimed this year on National Tree Day that they are going to reintroduce and replant native Australian trees on more than 3000 sites across the whole country. This year five of those places will be located in the Shellharbour city. These sites will be held after 25th of July at Flinders, Oak Flats, Warilla, and Albion Park.

Andrew Lee natural area officer of Shellharbour City Council said, “it is going to be a great day because they will educate the people that how we are going to restore the native areas of vegetation.”

Lee also said that: -

“People will get dirty and will enjoy the nature.”
“People will learn the significance of the native vegetation and will know the difference of the different plant species.”
“They will provide them the gloves and will prepare the area for planting.”
“Everything will be explained to people if they do not know about anything related to plants.”

Everyone is invited to the National Tree Day, whoever is interested can take part and can apply the registration. People from all areas of life are allowed to take part.

By restoring the native plants and trees, you can also help the wildlife especially birds. Not all of the native trees are suitable for every kind of areas. Some native trees are only plant-able for specific sites and areas.