Newsletter May/June 2016


Hi all,

In 2015 to 2016 it has been a slow year in terms of storm works. In 2016 we have been tendering on several Council and Government contracts in Victoria, NSW and QLD. In the past months we have secured contracts with a few councils in NSW; where our tree partners will be utilised to undertake the works. As for Victoria we were not successful to date in the four tendered, yet have generated interest in regards Enviro Frontier structure and business offering. Enviro Frontier currently has open tenders still in QLD and NSW and the successful company or companies will be informed by July. In NSW we continue discussions in regards getting a trial to be the key provider/project manager for tree services for schools (Government and Catholic).

Government Grants

Enviro Frontier has been successful in applying and now receiving several Government Grants. We have received Grants for Entrepreneur – this is where you get a Business Case Report/Analysis on your business (free – by a private consultant) and once approved can receive up to $20k. Another Grant is for Research and Innovation which is up to $100k. These Grants are $1 for $1. The other grant we have been successful is the Skill Industry (uncapped) which can be up to 75% of your cost, depending on your staff numbers. The Government Grants are very supportive to business. I am assisting some other Tree Partners with these grants. If you are interested or want assistance please email myself.

Tree Mangager

Optus award for Innovation – Tree Manager was awarded by MyBusiness and Optus as the most outstanding use of technology and this has opened doors and opportunity to further expand its use, not just for tree works yet for other trades. Over the next few months we will be upgrading TM to be far more trade friendly, especially from site via your phone.

Some Tree Partners have inquired about having Tree Manager as part of their business. We expect by the end of this year with modifications and improvements Tree Manager will be available for our Tree Partners to use internally. I will keep you updated of the progress.

For the upcoming financial year I want our tree partners to have work opportunities from a variety of sources via Enviro Frontier. These sources being an increase in insurance clients, yet greater consistency to be provided by Government, Councils and other commercial clients.

I will provide a more in depth newsletter in July regarding tenders, Tree Manager and Enviro Frontier direction.


Enviro Frontier Pty Ltd
Peter Dubiez – CEO