September 2015 Newsletter


Welcome to our September 2015 Newsletter and our focus on (1) The aftermath of the April storms, (2) Feedback from our training sessions with Tree Partners in Sydney, (3) Compliance for our Tree Partners and (4) Useful links.

Enjoy and contact us for any enquiries.


After every storm or event we always learn and grow. We have had many training sessions enabling our Tree Partners the opportunity to discuss their frustrations and concerns. This feedback is all taken on board to improve overall systems. Because the April Storms were one of the most devastating storm event to impact NSW, both Enviro Frontier and the insurance industry as a whole, learnt some valuable lessons. The media dubbed this the storm of the century and thanks to your hard work ethics and professionalism, Enviro was a major service provider from Northern Beaches – Newcastle and all areas between / inland.

During the ‘April Storms’ we experienced the following:

Slow job turn around – Understandably due to massive work load, however, how can we (operationally) improve on this?

Damage to property – Understandably unavoidable in most cases, however all care must be taken and report in advance (before commencement) possibilities of damage to driveway, soggy grounds will be ripped upetc.

Waiver – Please see attached to print out and keep in vehicle. It is expected insureds’ mostly won’t sign. This must be conveyed to usbefore commencing, so that we may advise our clients. The act of not signing will take us to plan B - hire larger crane which sits on street, wait for grounds to dry, have client intercept to discuss delay with insured reducing liability.

Communication 1 – many of you preferred calling Sydney office directly. Moving forward, operationally it is paramount that you communicate on TM and contact Cebu office on all matters other than technical advice. Make note of 1300 077 233 press 1, and to assist in uploading documents.

Communication 2 - non-negotiable insured must be contacted by TP on accepting job. Advise you have been allocated and discuss ETA or TBC and get back with ETA. Note this on TM. If running late, call insured in advance. The minute insured calls insurance company chasing update, we are not communicating well. Cebu will assist with this where required, as they will call on your behalf.

Communication 3 any action (SMS/phone call) to be recorded on TM, this will dismiss allegation if there is a complaint, as immediately we have good validation to resolveand receive payment, on your behalf.

Scheduling – non-negotiable all attendance to site must be scheduled on TM, with box ticked advising insured has been informed. Assessment, Makesafe, Stump Grind, return to site to repair damage etc. Create a new entry each visit, please don’t edit old entry.

INS/SES - when allocated a job, check TM to be informed which hat you will be wearing, Insurance or SES (NSW). Call Cebuoffice ASAP for clarification to prevent discrepancies when invoicing. If uncertain of scope variation between INS and SES, call EF office Sydney immediately.


Why was that job taken off me? Could be you didn’t accept in a timely fashion; you may have accepted however offered no communication on TM indicating insured called or job scheduled; job may have been cancelled.

Why did another contractor do the job? I arrived to site and job was done? This is mostly likely not Enviro Frontier who hindered with operations and none the wiser and not responsible. Such things are out of our hands.

Why wasn’t I informed about another contractor/SES attending? During events this kind of double booking crosses over, we have no control when insured doesn’t inform us or our clients. Such is the nature of this business during events.


Tree Manager – can you recommend any improvements?

Tree Manager App – improvements coming soon. Watch this space for updates.

Cebu Office – we are working closely with them to help support you, our Tree Partners. We expect courtesy from all concerned in return.


Working on various Council tenders nationally

Working on Government Department tenders

December 2015 Enviro Frontier will be servicing New Zealand


Enviro’s focus is to provide consistent work to all Tree Partners. We are in the works with some very exciting prospects, further developing business. A great part of this process is centered on compliance. This will be instrumental in selecting TP’s, as dealing with councils and government departments. You will be receiving email and phone requests to update your relevant insurances in Tree Manager. Please do this in a timely manner. If you’re not fully compliant you will miss out.


Western Sydney engineering company fined over worker’s death

Media Release | 23/09/2015

A western Sydney engineering and manufacturing company has been fined $225,000 following an incident in 2012 where a worker died when a crane fell on top of him.

The 48 year old fitter and machinist was performing maintenance work on a crane when it fell over, pinning him between the crane and the arm of another crane.

The incident occurred at Baker & Provan Pty Ltd’s St Marys site where they supplied, maintained and serviced cranes used by the Royal Australian Navy. At the time of the incident, the worker was realigning a slip ring which had been incorrectly installed on the crane.

SafeWork NSW charged Baker & Provan Pty Ltd under s19 (1)/32 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 with failing to ensure the crane was on a secure base while work was being carried out on the crane, failing to ensure at least one locking pin was in place when work was being carried out on the crane, and failing to provide a job safety analysis or safe work method statement identifying the risks associated with the work.

On 4 September 2015, Baker & Provan Pty Ltd was convicted of the charge in the District Court and fined $225,000 plus ordered to pay SafeWork NSW’s costs.

Executive Director of SafeWork NSW (formerly WorkCover NSW), Peter Dunphy said the risk of the crane falling over and striking a worker was foreseeable and Baker & Provan could have managed it with a few simple measures.

“At the time of the incident, the slew drive of the crane was not installed, there were no locking pins in place and the crane was not fixed to its test base, instead it was fixed to a timber base used to transport it,” Mr Dunphy said.

“The risk of the crane tipping over while on the timber base was significant and if a few simple safety measures were taken, the risk could have been addressed.

“These include inserting at least one locking pin to prevent the crane from slewing, conducting a risk analysis while the crane was on the timber base and warning workers of the risk, and using the test base to perform the work.”

Following the incident, Baker & Provan implemented a number of safety measures, including a system of work where cranes are secured to the test base, introducing lockable pins, implementing a lock out system to keep locking pins in place to prevent cranes from slewing, and introducing job safety analysis forms and safe work method statements for the overhaul, storage and movement of cranes at the premises.

Mr Dunphy said had these systems been in place, the incident could have been avoided.

“This incident shows that an effective safety system does not have to be expensive or complicated, and in this instance, could have prevented this tragedy,” Mr Dunphy said.

“This decision sends a strong message about the need to have effective safe work systems in place to control work health and safety risks.”


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WorkCover NSW