Several Trees Damaged in Sydney after Powerful Storm


The powerful storm, torrential rain, snow and lightning damaged several trees in Sydney as well as other parts of the NSW.  The destructive winds and heavy rain affected more than 30,000 homes across all over NSW especially Sydney Metro, Illawarra, Marrickville, South Coast, Canterbury and Bexley.

More than 1600 jobs received from these affected areas and still the calls are increasing. The heavy rain caused flooding and damaged several trees in different Sydney locations, many trees fell on trapped people cars, on streets, and homes.

Many homes, street lights, power lines, and cars damaged by broken trees, lightning and heavy snow. Many routes which were blocked by fallen trees are now cleared by the NSW State Emergency Service.

All this mess caused by an unexpected heavy wind, rainfall and snow as it was much severe than originally forecasted.

A widespread property damage reported by falling trees and power outrage in different areas of the NSW due of heaviest rainfall of 170mm on the South Coast and excess of 100mm in Sydney and several other parts.

The winds gusted to 100 km/hr at Sydney and Illawarra, and high of 161 km/hr at Wattamolla.

Several trees that sustained damages fell instantly and others are still standing with severe injuries. The injured trees needs to be assessed by a certified arborist or tree service company, they provide you better assistance, and care for your damaged tress.

The powerful storm was well covered by NSW residents on twitter by posting several pictures of damages caused by trees.


Tree Fell on a Car in Sydney


Fallen Tree on Power Lines in Maianbar

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