Training & Understanding of Tree Manager and Insurance/SES requirements


Tree Manager

Tree Manager is a key part of our success with the insurance and State Emergency Services. Commencing February 2015, SES NSW now has a direct live feed into Tree Manager and can observe which tree partners is undertaking what works, photos, communication notes and score carding. Tree Manger has recently gone thru an upgrade; which has improved work flow. We are now introducing live conferencing and training of Tree manager.

The training will allow 10 to 15 tree partners to attend with the ability to interact with each other in conversation, ask questions of myself, discussion with Enviro customer care team manager and be part of live screen job work flow on Tree Manager.

How Does this work

You or your specified team member/s are required to be in front of your computer, dial into a provided number from Enviro and be part of the group for that designated time and day. Being a part of this training/communication session will be a key to your continuing success and growth with Enviro and Tree Manager.

Enviro will require you to register your preferred date and time as provided on this link - Book Now. Initially this interactive day will be every Tuesday or Thursday at 1.00pm Sydney time. Dependent on interest, we can provide another day and a later time, within the link there is an option to select a later time which will determine the other day and time we will deliver.

Within this live training you will interact with tree partners from around Australia, those that are extremely experienced with Tree Manager and new Tree Partners, I will provide an insight into the direction of Enviro and the insurance industry, be able to answer questions in regards Tree Manager, rates, or queries you may have.

Within these sessions we will have our Manager from Enviro staffed employees in our customer care centre in Philippines. Enviro has set the time for these sessions at 45 minutes. I look forward to interacting with you during these training and update times.

App for your phone

From the initial desk top training as outlined above, we will then be introducing in March alternate days where we will do the same interactive approach with the phone application for onsite use.

New Clients

Enviro has signed a new agreement with one of the Australia’s largest insurance groups, which represents some well-known house hold brands. Enviro Frontier will be the only provider for tree services nationally. This is potentially a significant agreement which may increase our number of make safe two to three fold. As it is a national agreement this will see a potential increase in works for all tree partners in Australia. Within the next weeks and we are provided the right we will inform you of the insurance client name.


By being fully compliant and up to date with certificates, documents and qualifications you receive first priority of jobs in your area. In attached screen shot – those with green buttons get first option, those with red 2nd option. By not being fully compliant you are missing out on work opportunities. 

Tree partners that are fully compliant will always get the majority of works, those in red will get an opportunity once compliant partners have reached capacity.

Get your required documents into and get your company fully compliant. If you are not sure what documents you need to further provide then email and they will let you know.

Compliant Tree Partners Sydney Area


Compliant and NOT fully compliant

Compliant Tree Partners Sydney Area Compliant and NOT fully compliant

Tree Partner of the Month

Joeys Tree Service (Victoria). Feedback from the insured clients has been at “excellent”, feedback from Customer Care always courteous, responds and undertakes all communication to a high and efficient standard, from Enviro utilises tree manager effectively for costing, photos and job work flow and always has a laugh with office staff. Thanks Joe.

Tip for the Month

Be prepared to undertake insurance/SES works. You and your crew should carry “hazard tape roles” to signify a risk area, whether at commencement or completion. When assessing you should tape off area and take a photo, if you have completed an insurance job and item such as shed or fence or even clothes line damaged, put hazard tape signifying a risk area and take a photo. This will protect you in an event a person goes into that area and gets injured. By taping off before and after and taking a photo it shows you have made the area safe before and after works. Tape and photos are important, make sure you are carrying a few roles and so do your crews.