EnviroFrontier Tree Management (EFTM) Arborist Reports

Large fig tree 

Qualified EFTM arborists can provide the full range of arborists reports including Development Application Reports, Tree Management Plans and Hazard Tree Risk Assessments for tree removals in Sydney.

Arborist reports are usually required for local council permits in case of significant tree removals from residential, commercial or government property, garden, parks, lakes and streams, wildlife areas, along roadsides, etc. An arborist report includes a detailed assessment of tree health, life expectancy, risk or hazards associated with tree removal and recommendations to support your application.

Arborist reports include a comprehensive tree inspection, tree assessment information and an action plan to preserve or remove.

A comprehensive tree inspection by professional arboriculturalists helps correctly assess any issues associated with trees and potential damage to property. Correct assessment of on-site trees is key for diagnosis and treatment from pests, animals or soil conditions. Recommendations for tree care and tree management could include specialised options like pruning or fertilizer treatment to increase life expectancy and preserve biotic factors.

Professional arborists at EnviroFrontier Tree Management can provide quality arborist reports in Sydney and other major cities

  • AQF 5 level arborists & qualified work place health & safety inspectors.
  • Arborist reports for tree removal or development applications and legal disputes.
  • Arboricultural construction-site management to council requirements.
  • Tree hazard assessments and tree safety management plans.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Tree structural evaluations.
  • Tree health assessments.
  • Forensic analysis including tree and soil pathology analysis.
  • Site soil analysis and amelioration.
  • Tree selection and specifications.
  • Supervision of staff or contractors engaged to carry out tree works.
  • On-site safety audits of staff or contractors.
  • Vegetation management plans with timeline maintenance works for a 10-year period.
  • Expert witness.
  • GPS plotting of trees using glonass and GPS systems.
  • Tree protection plans and post-works certification on development sites.

Consultants – All EFTM Arborists’ qualifications include:

  • Current Membership to Arboriculture Australia
  • AQF Level 5
  • Diploma Horticulture
  • Tree Care Course

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