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Trees Protection During Construction Process

by Faisal Jamal
on 14-Mar-2015

During construction process, trees suffer the most. The threats to trees include an inadequate construction plan, due to which the existing trees on site are harmed, eventually leading to their decline....

Why Do Some Trees Fall Down During Storm?

by Faisal Jamal
on 25-Feb-2015

When you think of trees, you imagine a beautiful street with trees on both sides, where maybe your kids will ride their bicycle, or you will take your dog out for...

Recognizing and Examining Hazard Trees

by Darren Siemsen
on 09-Feb-2015

Trees are the essential part of our environment that provide a healthy life for living creatures on earth. However, structurally defective trees can cause serious harm to people life and can...

Keep your Trees Healthy and Secure - Important Things to Keep in Mind

by Faisal Jamal
on 13-Jan-2015

Providing shelter from the sun and home to the birds, enhancing the aesthetics of the landscape and producing oxygen; trees are very precious asset. If grown on your property, a healthy...

Fungal Diseases that Cause Damage to Trees

by Faisal Jamal
on 23-Dec-2014

In many cases, tree diseases lead to the loss of aesthetics of the plant that has been affected. However, some of these diseases can cause fatal damage, which may weaken the...

Pruning Young Trees – Why, When and How Much Pruning Required?

by Darren Siemsen
on 13-Dec-2014

If your tree is growing in an urban landscape, you must provide it proper care. Best plan to do will be to look for a professional, trusted arborist and ...

Selecting a Tree Surgeon - Important Points to Keep in Mind

by Faisal Jamal
on 02-Dec-2014

Often, tree owners require having some of their trees cut down entirely because of the decline or some fatal disease. Chopping down a tree isn’t an easy ...

Pleached Trees - Adding Elegance to Your Gardens

by Faisal Jamal
on 26-Nov-2014

Pleaching is considered as the touch of art in molding the nature according to one’s own perspective. Pleached trees have decorated the gardens of men for ages;...

Executing a Preventive Pruning Program - Structural Pruning

by Faisal Jamal
on 16-Nov-2014

While trees that are planted in an urban landscape have several benefits, they are also at a higher risk of damage than the trees growing in a natural ...

Tree Owner’s Legal Rights and Obligations

by Darren Siemsen
on 28-Oct-2014

As a part of real estate, many among us are also owners of trees. With this ownership come some sets of rules associated with those particular trees. Owning trees ...

Benefits, Types and Ways to Apply Green Waste Mulch

by Faisal Jamal
on 12-Oct-2014

Green waste mulch is of great importance to the health and appearance of landscapes, plants and trees growth, conserving water, and in controlling weed germination. It comprises...

Proper Pruning of Landscape Trees – A Valuable Investment

by Faisal Jamal
on 05-Oct-2014

Pruning landscape trees on a regular basis helps it to grow better, empowers its structural strength and is essential for its good health, not to forget that...

How to Protect your Landscape & Trees from Drought

by Darren Siemsen
on 24-Sep-2014

Trees are considered as landscapes’ most valuable investments. Other than providing us with shade and oxygen, they decorate the environment and give us a pleasant effect. The...

Control Noninfectious Agents Affecting Landscape Trees

by Darren Siemsen
on 17-Sep-2014

Landscape trees are at constant risk of getting diseased and infected due to noninfectious agents, poor environmental conditions and several other such factors. Just like the living...

Why Do you Need to Hire an Arborist or Tree Surgeon?

by Darren Siemsen
on 02-Sep-2014

Tree Surgeon/Arborist – The Job

According to the Oxford Dictionary, tree surgeon, or arborist is someone who practices an arboriculture that deals in management and cultivation...

Common Ways To Maintain A Tree

by Darren Siemsen
on 30-Aug-2014

Tree care is essential for the landscape plantations. In the wilderness, trees can pretty much take responsibility of themselves, but when it gets to the landscape trees,...