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Best Time To Remove a Tree From Your Property?

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Trees are just like an investment capital that provide extensive benefits to you, environment and your property. If an investment capital does not provide you many benefits, you stop investing and start looking for alternative ways. Similarly, a bad tree is much riskier for you to invest in and more dangerous for your property. Living under an unsafe large tree can be expensive for your life, get your family and property into trouble. It is best to keep the tree in almost any cases, but trees that are quite old, weak and in danger of falling on your property or people should be removed immediately without any delay and hesitations. You should get a service of tree management company or professional arborist that will guide you what necessary steps to be take to remove a tree from your property.

A number of prominent things need to be considered to know the best time to remove a tree from your property. Few of them mentioned below:

The health of a tree

Tree that seems to be not in a good health or abnormal condition should be eliminated. You need to examine the health of a tree carefully. Identify trees that started losing branches or are in a risk of falling. Trees with health condition of 40-50% have fewer chances of recovery and are not in a position to survive long. In the case it is difficult for you to judge the health condition of a tree, contact a professional arborist in your local area for further guides.

Damage to tree roots & main trunk

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Healthy roots system is vital for the growth and longevity of trees. Tree roots that are damaged and shows signs of rotting is an indication of the decline and should be considered for removal from your property. Shallow tree roots also infested with various tree diseases and often caused damage to pavements, utilities, and structure. Decaying roots also cause harm to trees main trunk and weaken its power to not survive anymore. If you see plenty of cracks in the main tree trunk and one-third of a tree interior part in rotten or hollow, it probably removed from your property. Again, if you find any difficulty in identifying the strength of main trunk or roots, you should consult with a certified arborist in your local area.

Frequent breakage of tree branches

Frequent breakage of tree branches is another indication of the potential damage and always in the risk of a sudden fall on property. Large tree branches are often larger in size and spread wider which put them to fall under their weight and difficulty for them to sustain their position. Branches that are 25% damaged probably not able to survive and should be removed first before removing the whole tree from your property. Tree removal professionals are much-experienced in it, and they will better guide you if tree can survive after removal of damaged branches or not.

Trees infected with the disease

Just like human beings and animals, trees are also affected with the disease and it always horrific for any owner seeing their beloved tree dying from harmful disease. Not all trees infected with the disease are necessary die. If infections are identified sooner and treated with proper care with the help of tree professionals, it can be cured effectively. However, plenty of fungi on a tree or at roots indicates that something is not well with the tree and should be evaluated from a certified arborist.

Few of the other considerations that will help you to identify the best time to remove a tree from your property include:

Is the sufficient growth of a tree is harmful to your property? Is it belongs to undesirable species?

Is the tree interferes with traffic flow and close to power lines?

Is the tree quite older and always have a risk of falling or infected with the disease?

In whatever situation your trees are, always consult with professional arborists or certified tree management or tree removal company for proper evaluation, guides and services.

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