Tree care is essential for the landscape plantations. In the wilderness, trees can pretty much take responsibility of themselves, but when it gets to the landscape trees, they need to be maintained and looked after in a proper way. While doing so, you can always consider tree care as a kind of investment. If you have been successful in raising a fully-grown healthy tree, its value will increase over time. So it can be said that investing your money on taking care of a tree is like putting your money in a savings bank account. There are different ways in which you can maintain a tree. Following are some of them:

Regular inspection of the trees

tree inspection 

Regular tree inspection helps in evaluating the health of a tree and finding out in advance if the health of a particular tree is deteriorating. Inspecting trees is an essential thing to do, at least once every year. By doing so, you get to prevent future diseases, insect plague and other problems associated with the environment. If there has been any reduction in shoots extensions like growth of new leaves and buds, it might be an excellent indication of something that has recently gone wrong in the growth of a tree. One of other signs of a suffering tree is its decaying trunk.

Reduction of environmental stress through mulching

Tree Mulching 

Mulching helps in strengthening the roots of a tree and providing a cooler and more stable root environment, hence contributing to lower environmental stress level. Mulch also helps in keeping the roots of the trees safe from the string trimmers, as well as the lawn mowers. It also helps in keeping the roots away from the neighboring weeds. To get the best results, Mulch is placed somewhere two to three inches deeper into the ground so that it covers the entire root structure of the tree. However, during the process of placing the mulch in the field, you need to be careful as not to cover the tree’s trunk. The area where u should avoid mulch will be on to two inches wider at the base.


Tree Pruning

Pruning is considered as the “most common” of the tree maintenance techniques, coming right after watering. Pruning is most of the time used in order to remove the diseases as well as dead branches most of the time, which are infected by insects. Removing these branches save the rest of the tree and promotes its healthy growth. Foliage removing from a tree has two major effects on a tree; it reduces the trees overall growth as well as the photosynthesis procedure. Hence, when you plan on pruning, you need to be very carefully and do it sparingly. If you are going to prune a mature tree, you might be in need to special tools and equipment, as well as trained tree professionals or professional tree service company.

Mature tree fertilization

tree fertilization 

An imperative aspect of mature tree care is fertilization. Trees need nutrients in order to grow and function properly. While urban landscape trees grow in a proper soil, they still don’t get enough of these nutrients, which are essential elements of their growth. In such conditions, it becomes necessary to fertilize the soil on a regular basis. The results of fertilization are magical – they help the tree to grow better and bloom greener. However, when you plan to fertilize the tree, make sure you know what kind of nutrients are you looking for. You will have a check for the soil condition, especially its pH and the amount of organic matter in it. You should also keep in mind that not all mature trees require fertilization.

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