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Easiest Way to Get Rid of Tree Stump From Your Property

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Removing a tree stump seems to be straightforward act as compared to cutting down a tree, but it is not a mild task to do. Many homeowners leave the stump behind after removing a tree from their gardens, but it certainly not a permanent solution. Unremoved tree stumps not only hazard rather also unattractive for property, make lawn mowing difficult and attract harmful insects. Although, big and fat stumps can be eliminated with the right equipment and methods, or by chemicals such as weed killer, but you need to follow these standard methods written below for better tree outcomes.

Digging out the stump

Digging out the stump 

Digging a stump is not as much difficult task as seems to be, but incredibly of labor intensive. Removing a stump by hand is quite affordable and fastest method that can be done in just few hours. First take a shovel and dig around the circumference of the trees, and when the main roots of the trees are exposed, stop digging. Take an axe, a root cutter or a saw to cut the trunk lower branches and roots. Split them into flexible pieces that can be carried easily to put aside. Now pull out the roots as much as you can from the ground. There should be no significant roots which could provide the tree with nutritious minerals to grow. Now remove the stump as you cut down the roots by a different tool. When the stump is apart from the surface, fill the space with loam and sawdust to make your land covered.

Grinding the stump

Grinding the stump 

An alternate method of stump grinding can be used in case removing by hand is not possible. First, get a stump grinding tool to grind the stump yourself. You can obtain / rent a stump grinder from any hardware store nearby to you or even hire a person who could operate a stump grinder. In addition to stumping grinder, you also need a chainsaw, axe, rake and a shovel. While operating a stump grinder, you should wear gloves, goggles and ear protector. Use mattock or shovel to remove the stones around the stump. Position the grinder on the surface of the stump and start grinding around the circumference of the tree and make sure that there should be no harm to the aerial roots. Clear the grindings by using a shovel, fill it with sand or loam.

Burning the stump

Burning the stump 

Burning out the stump would require some pieces of wood from which the stump should be covered quickly. Woods should be settled down carefully around the stump. Make sure the stump is in the midst of the woods and put some fuel that could cause a fire around it. Use lighter or a matchbox to light up the flames and once the flame lighted, get aside and let the stump be burned. When the stump been burned entirely put little water on it to slow down the flames. After the stump all burned, remove the ashes and fill it with sawdust and continuously add matter to it until it gets filled.

Using stump removing chemicals

stump removing chemicals 

Getting rid of stumps by chemical would rather a better and easiest way. First, take a drill machine to make precise holes in the stump and stuff the holes with stump removing chemicals. Keep away children and pets from these harmful chemicals. Leave the stump until it gets softer. When you saw the stump is getting softer, its time to do the stump cut down job into pieces. The left over area of the stump can be burned by adding fuel on top of it, and when it get totally burned, remove the ashes and fill it with other matter like loam and sawdust.

Hiring a professional tree surgeon

professional tree surgeon 

You can also hire a professional tree surgeon to use a grinder and help you in complete removal of the stump. Tree surgeons have years of practical experience in using large grinding machines and working with complex tree stumps. They can even help you with shrub trimming, hedge cutting, planting, landscaping and general land clearance.