Trees are considered as landscapes’ most valuable investments. Other than providing us with shade and oxygen, they decorate the environment and give us a pleasant effect. The roots of trees also absorb the water from the storms and clean the remains. The leaves purify the air around them and incorporate all kinds of polluted particles in the air – hence giving us a healthy environment to live in. With all these benefits, come a few responsibilities that lie upon us. We need to take care of these precious sources provided by the nature, especially during the time of drought, and trees need extra attention during these times.

Following are some of the techniques through which you can protect your trees during the time of drought:

  1. Watering Technique

You need to water your tree slowly during the time of drought as dense clay soil takes its time to soak in the water due to gravity. The gravity pulls the particles of water and gradually they spread through the soil horizontally. If you water the plant slowly, the water will reach deeper and be absorbed by the roots that are somewhere in the six to ten inches of the top soil. Following methods you should consider to make sure trees do not suffer.

  • Utilizing Soaker Hose

You can place the tip of soaker hose on the tree’s drip line and beyond. After that, attach a garden hose and turn the faucet or water tap on. In order to maintain the time limit of watering, you can use a faucet timer. Before doing all that, be careful about reading the instructions that come with a soaker hose. Usually, most of the time you will require to hold the water continuing for approximately two hours. A small hole plastic disk get the soaker hoses run at low pressure, and the disk must be exactly at the right place to let the soaker work accurately. For watering a large tree, attached 2-3 hoses of soaker together and get the disk inside the soaker hose.

soaker hose on the tree’s drip line 

  • Drip Irrigation System

In the times of drought, several cities allow the process of drip irrigation. To discover if you are permitted to do that, you will have to visit your water utility service’ website for specific information. Through drip irrigation, the water is provided to the tree in a very slow manner that prevent the little loss of water due to runoff or evaporation. The drip irrigation equipment comes with automatic system, which will disable the water flow at the required time. You need to attach the sprinkler system to a drip tubing on the attachment of garden hose to water with the garden tap or faucet. During water restriction process always make sure that sprinkler system works well with drip tubing.

Drip Irrigation System 

  • Water Bag Equipment

If you don’t have the option of drip irrigation or soaker hose, you can go for the water bag technique. It is also known as the “pillow system” and is always an excellent choice. As newly planted trees are more at risk than the grown ones during the time of drought, water bag method usually works well on them. Through this method, the water bag system is installed very near to the trunk of the tree. You can find this water bags/pillows from several plant shops and they come in several shapes as well as sizes. You can fill this bag regularly around once or twice every week. The regularity depends on the intensity of the drought being faced by your city.

Water Bag Equipment 

Other ways of saving your trees from dying off drought include:

  1. Don't prune trees during drought. Click here to find the reasons why we need pruning of trees.
  2. Never plant a new tree during drought.
  3. Preventing fertilization of the grass and a tree.
  4. Keep on working on your tree even if the leaves are moving brown and falling off, there is always a way to turn things around.
  5. Don’t forget to get help from a professionally certified Arborist.
  6. Build around a two to four inch layer of mulch around your tree at risk. Monitor the stress level of trees as they are sensitive to harmful insects or diseases under stress.

Sometime in your lifetime you find drought affects shrubs or trees badly, but with advanced techniques it is no more impossible to prevent your trees from dying. For damaged tree removal, or pruning of diseased tree branches, always consult a certified arborist or reliable tree service company to maintain the safety and better health of a tree.


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