Pleaching is considered as the touch of art in molding the nature according to one’s own perspective. Pleached trees have decorated the gardens of men for ages; it is something that was once the glory of the empire states, and today is a modern fashion statement. Pleaching a tree is basically training it into particular shape and style of growth. Pleached trees have been famous since the Victorian era. Nature lovers have played around and designed trees for centuries. If you love gardening and have a pinch of artistic juice in your soul, make the most of it by designing the trees in your garden. When properly done, it leads to stunning views. You can develop your tree into a peace sign or your favorite animal. You can train your tree to grow in certain shapes, which can be circular to triangular and even pentagon. Pleaching is an art that was once lost in time – however, the trend has awoken among gardeners once again as of recent years.

Pleached Trees 

Including Pleached Trees In Design

If you aspire to add elegance to your garden by putting pleached trees in the design, there are particular points that you will have to keep in mind before making up your mind. First of all, you should acknowledge that a pleached tree would need a lot taking care of. It will require regular pruning in order to sustain the shape and size. If you are opting for typical specimen trees, there will be little ongoing maintenance requires. However, high quality pleached tree will need more care and special techniques for maintenance, which only a professional tree care provider plus designer can provide. Pleach is available in several sizes and shapes. If you are planning to start off from the very beginning, you can get the tree pleached from the trunk as well.

Customized Pleaching & Ready to Go Trees

If you want a customized tree, you might want to begin from scratch, however ready to go pleached trees in different shapes and sizes are also available in the market. Apart from appropriate trees, there are also designed and shaped hedges available, which you can grow on the sides of your garden, say of various forms such as a spade, heart or a club! Define your own artistic sense by creating the ambiance of your garden with this latest trend.  It is imperative to put in mind how your hedges/trees will look from ten to twenty years from the day you are starting to pleach them. Because, once you train a tree into a particular shape, it cannot be changed. Do proper research and know your requirements before opting for a certain form, for it will explain your fashion statement forever.

Choosing the Trees

Selecting trees also depends on what you are opting for: a large tree or a sapling. You can get trees from the market that are ready to be taken home and trained in a particular shape. Make sure the trees you select are upright and are all of almost the same girth. One advantage of having your own tree pleached from the beginning is that you can also control the size of its trunk. The pleached trees will also require a strong leader tree, especially the young ones. A good ready to go tree will have no large branches in site because nurseries will already have had them removed.

A Few Tips

Once you are preparing to plant your tree, make certain you empty a hole that is twice the size of your tree’s root balls. Plant a tree with a good stake, which is strong and also long. Make sure there is a proper distance of around 2 – 4m between the trees.


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