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Reasons Why People Need Pruning of Trees

Sunday, July 06, 2014
People have been pruning the trees from ages, and it has approved by both science and aesthetics that it is good for the trees beauty and health. There are many reasons why people do needs pruning of trees. Pruning can make trees safe for us, can increase the growth and health of trees, increase the production of fruits, heighten the value of timber, and can also increase the beauty of the trees. You need to consider hiring a professional tree service that will provide you the best tree pruning service. Few of the reasons why you need pruning of trees written below.

  • Pruning of tree for better appearance and health
  • Tree pruning to protect people life and property
  • Tree pruning for its maintenance

Pruning of trees for better appearance

If you want to improve the appearance of your lawn, you can achieve it by enhancing the beauty of trees. Pruning helps you to stimulate the tree’s natural form and flowers production. If you do not prune, it can affect the beauty of flowers from enhancing because then it will have tight and less space to grow. Those trees that required you can prune self-pruning and need regular pruning for growth for better result and growth.

When you want to prune a tree other than its natural beauty, few things you should always take care of which are:
  • You should control the size of a tree
  • Should remove the unwanted branches, suckers, waterspouts, undesirable fruiting structure that decrease the beauty of tree
  • Should prune the tree to make them evergreen and well balanced

Tree pruning for better health

Pruning involved eliminating the insect infected or diseased woods by trimming the top of tree’s head and removing the branches which are touching and crossing each other, making some space for the airflow to another part of the tree so it can reduce the pest issue. Also needs to remove those branches which have injured by storms, animals, or another automated damage. 

You should not cover your trees with other stuffs and if branches of other tree lie on neighbor tree, just remove those unwanted branches. If you will use stuffs to cover your tree or won’t remove the other unwanted branches, it can change the natural shape of that tree and will make its branches weaker. 

You can do pruning to make the structure of a tree strong that can help the tree to survive even in hard and harsh weather. By removing infected woods, you can save the other part of a tree from getting infected.

Tree pruning to protect people life and property

You should prune those branches that can fall and cause property damage or any human life or which are in the way of streets and roads. You should also remove those branches which are touching or rubbing the utility lines, traffic signals and street lights. For security purpose, you should take down the hazardous trees. For better protection, contact the tree pruning or city tree maintenance company to do so.

Tree pruning for its maintenance

You should prune the tree to boost flower and fruit growth. You can prune the hedges in the shape that they will look dense in asymmetry. You can prune your tree or plants in the desired shape of blocks, circles or even you can give a shape of animals.