Selecting a qualified tree surgeon in Sydney can sometimes a difficult task and if carried out poorly can lead to damage of the property, injury to people, harm to surrounding trees and cost extra for pruning. Trees take several years to grow, and its future health or life span depends on the quality of tree work done by the well-trained tree surgeons. A qualified tree surgeon or arborist is one who has required levels of qualification, appropriate training and several years of tree service experience. To ensure the safety and healthy growth of trees, owners need the services of a qualified arborist who has required tree skills, understand tree biology, and proficient in providing active tree services.

The following guidelines below will help you finding and selecting the right tree surgeon in Sydney with confidence.

Ask for a written quotation

Before choosing a tree surgeon in Sydney, always ask for a written quotation not just an estimate. A written quotation includes the final price for the active tree services in Sydney not an estimated price. Check that the quotation summarized the disposal of arising after tree surgery works, includes arising safety implications, management of diseases and pests, and potential damage of tree surgery to neighbouring property. Also discuss wood chips you want to keep or not at the time of quoting, it may mean to reduction in overall tree surgery cost.

Get at least three separate quotes for the work and that should be dated and signed. Reject any tree surgeon hesitated or refused to provide you written quotation for tree services in Sydney.

Suitable tree surgeon qualification

A competent and qualified arborist or tree surgeon in Sydney will show you AQF level IV and V qualification attained from TAFE NSW. A person holding the title “Tree Surgeon” doesn’t necessary mean that they are qualified or experienced arborists. Therefore, it is essential for you to identify the experience and technical skills of a person you contract to remove a tree before a final selection.

Recognized standard for tree surgeons in Sydney

Pruning of large trees is not a simple task and require the advanced tree services of professional arborists in Sydney. Arborists performing pruning of mature or large trees needs to carry out pruning in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 4373—2007 pruning of amenity trees. Tree surgeons not following these standards cannot practice tree services in Sydney effectively and can harm your trees and gardens.

Workplace safety standards

It is especially significant for you to recognize whether tree surgeons are carrying out their work according to minimum safety standards set out by the NSW WorkCover Authority or not. Ask them to add a written statement in their quotation that their work will be undertaken to meet minimum workplace safety standards for the amenity tree industry.

Evidence of training, experience and insurance

Operations of tree removal, tree cutting, and tree lopping works require an advanced level of technical skills, training and experience. It is important for you to know whether an arborist has functional eligibility and expected knowledge of tree management. A qualified arborist has an academic qualification in arboriculture, hold training certificates and have adequate years of experience. In addition, tree contractors should have their personal & liability insurance, property damage insurance and workers compensation insurance.


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