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Selecting a Tree Surgeon - Important Points to Keep in Mind

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Often, tree owners require having some of their trees cut down entirely because of the decline or some fatal disease. Chopping down a tree isn’t an easy job – There are several factors involved and hence, require the right skill and the right techniques. Problem is, finding a tree surgeon isn’t as easy as it sounds – anyone can stand up and claim to be a tree surgeon. Do not only go on a random advertisement in the paper while looking for one – you will have to analyze the person yourself in order to determine if someone is the right person for the job or not.

Following are few important points that you need to keep in mind while selecting a tree surgeon.

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Terms such as “Lopping” & “Topping”

If your tree surgeon starts talking about phrases such a lopping and topping, by all means avoid him. Anyone with the tiniest of knowledge can lop tree a bit off, and it ends up being completely destructive to the tree. Also, any so-called specialist who is using such terms can be a signal of the fact that he has a lack of understanding of trees.

Companies that are “Jack of All Trades”

Browsing through the Internet or going through the newspaper, if you come up with any company that claims to be expert in everything, starting from patio cleaning to gardening, fencing and what not, avoid it. You don’t want to go for people or companies who are jack-of-all-trades but master of none. Tree surgeon needs to be a specialist and usually you won’t find that person under a roof that offers everything you can imagine.

The “Local” Tree Surgeon

While your local tree surgeon might be a good one, it cannot be guaranteed, and there is no need for you to trust him blindly. It might sound like a handy phrase, but there can be fraud involved with it. For instance, if a person has given a landline number, you can get it checked and hence trust him. Also, be careful about confusing names; don’t trust companies with names such as “Four Seasons”, etc. Absolutely not it means that this is a false company but it might not be easy tracking it down if there isn’t an address or landline number and just a weird name.

Cell Numbers

Through these days, most of the advertisements give away their cell numbers; it isn’t a very reliable sign. You can wholly trust a person who gives away his landline number, but cell number sounds fishy. However, you can always track down the background and authenticity of the person providing the services .

Leaflets & Cash Up Front

Although it is always a great idea to advertise your services through leaflet, but when it comes to something as complicated as a tree surgery, you might want to reconsider hiring someone off a flying flier. Most of the time, these leaflets give away no proper phone numbers or addresses hence can be utterly unreliable.

As far as cash is concerned, cash up front is off the table. As tree surgeons do not require any kind of pre-procedure investment and have their tools with them all the time, there is absolutely no reason for them to ask for cash up front. You should only pay the full amount when the work has been done and you are completely satisfied with it.

As mentioned before, finding a tree surgeon or professional tree service company is not like a little job as it may sound – tree surgery is a very complicated procedure and requires the hands of only tree expert. Hence, make sure you hire the right person at the right time and for the right job.