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Tips For Selecting Professional Tree Service Company in Sydney

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

If you are looking for professional tree service company in Sydney and tired of scams by low quality tree service providing companies. Then you must have these questions in your mind that which one is the best tree service company in Sydney, can they enhance the beauty of a lawn, are they even able to remove or prune trees, do they have equipment or good enough for stump grinding?

You should follow this guideline below and read all these tips one by one for the selection of best tree Service Company in Sydney.

Questions to hire tree service company

There are a few questions that you should always have in your mind before you hire or select the tree service company in Sydney or New South Wales. These questions are:

  • Do they offer you the latest copy of their work contract and certificate of insurance?
  • Do they offer you the list of all references?
  • Do they offer you a detailed estimation?
  • Do they tell you how the job will be performed and what kind of equipment they are going to use?
  • Do they tell you how long they are going to work on single particular project?
  • Do they look like professional tree Service Company?
  • Do they use spike while pruning and climbing the tree?
  • Do they use professional equipment for safety like hard hats?

Certification of tree service provider

When you are dealing with tree service providing company, you should know that there is an enormous difference between tree service provider and certified tree service provider. Certified tree service provider is the only one who knows how to remove tree and prune branches safely.

If a company certified, it means that they are taking their services seriously, and they have proper structure and system.

Insurance of tree Service Company

Always make sure that tree service providing company has the proper insurance of its liabilities and also workers compensation insurance. All of these confirmations must have been sent from an insurance company directly to you. If the tree service provider issues these insurance certificates, they can be fake.

Reputation of tree service provider

Always do some researches before you hire a tree service company, and check what kind of reputation they have in the market? You can search its online reviews. The companies with positive reviews are useful for you. You can also look for online forums and group discussions, and can also search for how long they have been providing tree service in Sydney.

Estimates of tree service price

It’s a very difficult question that how do you know the price of tree service in Sydney. The problem is very complicated, but the answer is very easy, just search for other tree service companies in Sydney and compare their prices. It will give you an idea about exact tree service prices in Sydney.

Advisory charges by tree service company

Most of the tree service companies would not charge any fee for advising you, but always make sure that they charge a fee. It is obvious that the company who is charging fee for advising are the one with best tree service in Sydney. If they give you a special favour, that is something else.

Your cooperation with tree service company

You should let the tree service company know if the tree is in conservation place, or the tree is under tree protection order (TPO’s).

Equipment of tree service provider

Make sure the tree service company’s workers are using proper equipment. Do not let them wear spikes while pruning, because it can harm your tree. Are they using equipment that will ensure your safety?

Safety issues with tree service company

There are few service providers which are not following proper safety legislation and rules so they can make more profit or can give tree service in cheap price. Always make sure that they wear hard hats, use chainsaw chaps and wear stuff for ear and eye protection. These things can save them from having fatal injuries on your property.

Door-to-door tree service contractors

In Sydney, you can find so many door-to-door contractors. Best option is to avoid them, especially if you want to remove big trees and want them to come in your yard or house. These door-to-door tree service providers do not work in a single city they travel town to town to find work in cheap price and even not certified. If you don’t want to be in any scam then just avoid them.

Tree services after disasters

People make mistakes after disasters and do not think because they want other to resolve their problem in no time. At that time, so many people hire door-to-door contractors, because you want others to pick up the trees or other broken stuff from your house or road. At those moments, people sometimes pay more because they want this work to be done in no time. Always make sure even in disasters that tree service company is taking reasonable price. Sometime in Sydney after hurricanes or storms tree service companies raise their service charges, so you should always be careful about it.

Pay them only when you are satisfied

Pay them when you think they did excellent work as you want them to do. You should consider few things like, have they done all those services that you asked them to do. Are your plants and trees safe, have they done their task in the time they promised, are the workers safe, and did they not harmed your lawn, house or yard, etc. 

First you should make sure everything is perfect, everything at its place and they work according to your satisfaction only then pay them. Sometimes they make excuses like we need to pay our staff, need money for fuel, and we need payment before finishing the job. They use these kinds of tricks, so don’t fall for them and insure them that payment will be provided after the service.