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Trees Pests Issues in Sydney and Organic Way To Deal Them

Sunday, July 13, 2014

In Sydney, there is a good amount of different living species. They range from animals to insects, which can be birds, cats or even small insects. There are few trees pests which are very common in the gardens of Sydney like cutworms, beetles, and aphid (the one which is very famous in destroying the crops and plants in Sydney). You can often see these insects in the region of Sydney. Aphid seen in the whole world other than Sydney, and if you know how to control this pest, you have knowledge of how to protect your plants and trees from these insects.

How to prevent trees from pests in Sydney?

As the time is getting fast, modern technology is taking its place everywhere. Same like that new methods to deal with pests have recognized. Now modern researchers know how to deal with pests with organic solutions. Inorganic way you do not have to use toxic chemicals which will be good for your trees and as well as the environment. Still these natural methods to prevent pest attack are not applicable all the time and most of the times you have to use toxic chemicals to deal with them.

If you give close attention to your garden and see everything thoroughly, you can easily deal with these problems before getting severe, like you can cut the infected part or can recognize the pest problem before they attack.

Pests related suggestions for Sydney gardeners


  • Weak plants are targets

Pests mostly attack weak plants, but people might think that they only gaze for healthy plants which are full of water regimes or young healthy plants. Now the question is why they attack weak plants? The reason they attack weak plants because their surface is soft, and they are not able to compete back with pests. So you must observe things on a daily basis if your plants are getting sick. If they are weak, then develop a plan to deal with it.

  • Seasonal attacks of pests

Most of the pests attack from predictable season to season, and should be aware of time when they strike or what their anticipated seasonal attacks are. You can use non-toxic methods or insecticidal soaps to deal with them. Insecticidal soaps are best cure to deal with aphids.

  • Fruits trees can be infected

When fruit tree’s leafs are at the stage of late spring stage, trees can be attacked by enormous amount of insects. At those stages you must take wise decisions, you can use copper-sulfate on the trees, but best cure is to use insecticidal soaps.

  • Unseen eggs and larvae

You can easily see the eggs and larvae on the plants or leafs, but there are also few insects which lay eggs underground. These larvae feed on roots and leaf to damage the plants and trees. These issues can be solved easily by preventing tree from eggs and larvae, but it is extremely troublesome to dispense those issues in which eggs and larvae are underground. If any of the plant or tree is acting weird or if it looks like they are struggling, do some analysis on them. You can use new organic methods to deal with these underground eggs and larvae by planting the white geraniums between the rows of your plants.

You need to do proper watering, have to inspect them on a daily basis and constant checking of leafs and stems of trees. If you do so, you can cure so many insect issues and problems before they attack your plants and trees. Still if you cannot find solutions for your plants and trees you can contact us or can inform us about your tree problems.

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