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Trees Protection During Construction Process

Saturday, March 14, 2015
During construction process, trees suffer the most. The threats to trees include an inadequate construction plan, due to which the existing trees on site are harmed, eventually leading to their decline. The best way to avoid any sort of damage done to the trees is the interest of all parties involved in the upcoming investment process. Trees can be preserved if there is a proper constructional plan, usage of alternative tree friendly equipment, legal documentation and right timing of construction. If the construction takes place within the supervision of tree care experts as well as the investor, the harm can be further reduced.


tree care during construction

Construction Process Irregularities

It is a given fact that evergreen trees on a property will make it look prettier, healthier and will also increase the property value. The prestige of a city is well defined by the age and health of the trees growing on it. The health of the tree is essential not only for the environment but also for the health of the citizens. Lately, many cities and the trees within their borders have been suffering from intense damage due to back-to-back constructions. The natural resources directly harmed when a constructional process takes place. The soil is vulnerable to the stress and in turn the plants growing within it get harmed directly and suffer from the decline and eventual death. However, this can be prevented.

When planning the enforcement and implementation of tree protection stages, many administrative obstacles come in the way. This may happens because of the investment party’s lack of knowledge and awareness towards the construction damage to the trees and its effects. Other hurdles include stereotypes and carelessness towards the environment. According to the law of the country, if a tree is being damaged during construction, the party in charge will fall under direct penalty. However, this law is so often overrun. Many people are of the opinion that trees serve only the purpose of visual beauty. Other than that, people who want the trees to be saved do not have the correct knowledge of how to preserve them. Hence, the supervision of a tree expert or tree surgeon is vital.

Construction Site Tree Protection

According to the observation and surveys, two different kinds of approaches towards trees have been seen in the contractors and investors. The first approach is the positive one, which determines the effective protection of the trees falling within the constructional boundary. Steps are taken to minimize constructional stress to the trees and the soil. Result of this is that the trees survive the hard time and eventually grow again without any sign of left over permanent damage.

Then comes the second approach, the negative one. In this method, the contractor and investor carry out the tree protection plan but only as far as its visible to the world. However, the result of this is that the trees suffer from long-term damage and over a period of time it decline or even die. The only way to minimize this is if the international rules of tree protection are followed by all of the parties involved in an investment.

Few proposed rules, duties and recommendations:

  1. Responsibility – it is vital that all parties and stakeholders feel responsible and take on a positive approach
  2. Preparatory Work Time – A proper time is required to prepare planning the protection of the green
  3. Tree Protection Design – Before starting the construction work, a proper tree protection design must be put forward
  4. Technology – contractors must be careful to use the advanced technology that promises lesser damage to the trees
  5. Work Schedule – Work schedule should be designed according to the season, for instance if it is the growing season for the trees in the area, construction should be delayed
  6. Education – If it is possible to protect a tree from damage, it is important to educate all of the parties involved in the construction of the situation. 

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