Tree Surgeon/Arborist – The Job

According to the Oxford Dictionary, tree surgeon, or arborist is someone who practices an arboriculture that deals in management and cultivation of shrubs, trees, vines and other plantation. These individuals have a broad knowledge and experience of the green land and are good at finding out about the health of the plant, and in taking care of it. Their job is more related towards of the green land rather than the harvesting of wood and forest management. A Tree surgeon ordinarily hired at urban landscapes help in maintaining the trees, which are more at risk than the forest trees.

Why should I hire an arborist?

Trees, which are grown in a more people dominated place, such as urban landscapes, are faced with a number of threats. They are more often exposed to several disturbances that they weren’t meant to face. These disorders are caused by the human way of life. Trees provide us with plenty of advantages but are also heavy, huge and complicated organisms. When left in the hands of experts, they can flourish and live long. In order to intensify the outcome of your planted trees’ survival, taking help of a certified arborist is necessary.


One important task that an arborist does is pruning of the tree, which is considered as one of the most famous and efficient ways of maintaining the growth and overall health. It improve the tree/plant’s health and help to get rid of the infected or dead parts. Pruning is also done for a number of other reasons, following are a few:

  1. Pruning is important if a tree is growing city. By pruning the tree the arborist save the accidents that might happen because of branches intervening with wires and other towering structures.
  2. Through pruning, the dead and decayed as well as diseased parts of the tree are cut off safely.
  3. Pruning also enables more space for the pedestrians as well as the city traffic to quickly pass by.

Why shouldn’t I hire a tree lopper instead?

One might consider hiring a tree lopper, which will do the same work in a rather inexpensive budget. However, before making this decision, know that tree loppers are not experts and are in no way qualified to maintain and take care of the trees. If you hire an unprofessional, the result will be severe pruning, leading to unnecessary removal of branches from the tree, end result being a disfigured tree. You might think that the lopper has done an excellent job, but eventually the damage will start to show. Loppers are also not enough trained in keeping the surrounding areas unprotected and clean; hence, it will be a job half done with surrounding property still greatly disturbed.

Things to keep in mind while hiring an arborist

Before going on hiring an arborist, there are specific questions you need to retain in mind. One of them is to make certain that an arborist is a certified professional. You will also need to check the professional’s previous work experience. Also make sure you hire an arborist who has been gaining the ongoing education, as he/she will then be in touch with all the latest techniques being used in the fields, and will be aware of the latest research, as well as pros and cons of particular methods. Also, take some time in checking out ISA’s list of certified arborists, and only contact the ones mentioned. There are hundreds of arborist and tree care providing companies across the country, and not all of these are licensed to provide such services. Also look for Personal and Property Damage Liability Insurance before hiring a professional tree service company.


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