How EnviroFrontier became specialised in insurance services

From cyclones to seasonal storms, EnviroFrontier has weathered significant surges in tree management demands. In each case we have been there to make-safe risky environments where tree danger or damage was an issue.

EnviroFrontier was formed in September 2010, initially as a tree management business to service residential and commercial clients such as strata managers, golf courses, councils and larger private or public facilities. From the onset, an EnviroFrontier goal was to provide professional, accountable tree services from first call to final inspection.

EnviroFrontier General Manager Peter Dubiez was a founding member of the Tree Contractors Association who put forward the first schedule of rates to the insurance industry, now the benchmark for arborists and tree services.

The difference this made became apparent in June/July 2011 when an insurance builder requested EnviroFrontier to undertake make-safe tree works in the Blue Mountains after a major storm event. At invoice time we provided a clearly itemised schedule of rates for staff and equipment, before-and-after photos, customer survey/sign off, Work Site Hazard report and a sub-contract statement.

EnviroFrontier (along with many other trades) was audited by a large insurance company and received an A+ scorecard. This scorecard and feedback from insurance groups laid the platform for EnviroFrontier to become a national provider to the insurance industry.

A history of challenges and achievements

In February 2013 EnviroFrontier project managed its first national major event, Cyclone Oswald. We serviced two major clients (builders) during this event with a willing staff and committed Tree Partners who worked tirelessly every night for three months to get photos, customer sign offs, and make the storm ravaged environments safe.

From this event, Tree Manager was invented as a transparent communication and documentation system for EnviroFrontier, our clients and Tree Partners. The development of Tree Manager began in July 2013 and was first released in raw form to Tree Partners in every state and territory by February 2014. Tree Manager IP is fully owned by EnviroFrontier and is being continually upgraded to improve workflow and transparency for all.

Now with over 140 Tree Partners, EnviroFrontier is nationally positioned as a project management business to support tree make-safe and tender works across Australia.

Tree Manager enables EnviroFrontier to provide a central communication hub that can allocate tree make-safe works nationally. We also have a dedicated Customer Care business with our own employed staff to provide national communication support 24/7. We have Our Team dedicated to insurance groups, builders and emergency services with knowledge and experience to serve their unique needs.

EnviroFrontier provides our services across Australia and in November 2015 will open in New Zealand to support our international clients. For a personal discussion on how we can be an asset to your enterprise, please Contact Us.