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A Sons Gift

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"Peter and Kylie lived a nightmare. And this intensely personal and private account of their battle to give their unborn child, a life, however long that may be … moved me to tears. But it's far more important than life or death. This book is about living, in the moment, and accepting whatever miracles come your way. It's an inspirational story of the power of love, and how one couple ignored medical advice to terminate, and prayed only for their baby to have the best life possible.. to take "just one breath".

"Whoever could have believed that a life force could change so many lives for the better, without even trying. It reveals the fragility of life, and the unconditional love of two parents, united in the most horrifying experience of their lives. But most importantly it shows the power of hope!"

Channel 10 Presenter for "Saving Babies" and Ambassador, for Newborn Intensive Care Royal Hospital for Women


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