Meet the Enviro Frontier Team

As a company we take pride in our people who deliver our Service Promise each and every day. They are our most valuable asset. We regularly invest in their skills to encourage exemplary communication, efficiency and technical expertise across all our Divisions governed by our Directors and Advisory Board.

Enviro Frontier Directors

Peter Dubiez, CEO

Peter Dubiez

Since becoming General Manager of Enviro Frontier in 2010, Peter has worked to develop relationships with insurance providers and builders as well as government agencies or councils who would benefit from a streamlined national tree management service model.

This vision is what prompted his concerted effort in developing robust, innovative IP software and by 2013 Tree Manager (in its early stages) was deployed. This web-based workflow tool provides on-site updates with photos, costs, scheduling, OHS issues & communications streams direct from Tree Partners nationally via the phone app and has been upgraded in 2015 for even greater functionality.

Peter has been involved in the tree industry since 1984 and assisted in many of the key OHS and business implementations that are now used throughout Australia.


Kylie Dubiez, Director - CFO

Kylie Dubiez

Kylie is a Director and owner of Enviro Frontier and provides financial management across all the Enviro Group of companies. Kylie has managed the accounts and financial reporting for national based companies within Australia.

Enviro Frontier Advisory Board

John Studdert, Chair, Advisory Board

John Studdert

John is the Managing Director of 80/20 Advisors, a company he founded to support Entrepreneurs and Business Owners as they start, scale up and exit their companies. Predominantly working with businesses from $1M-$50M in revenue, he is leveraging experience he gained in building his own international company and running a multi-national company as Australian Chairman & CEO. John provides input into the strategic planning of Enviro Frontier. John holds an MBA from Macquarie University and is on a number of Advisory Boards in the Professional Services and Technology sectors.

Anthea Gilmore, General Counsel

Anthea Gilmore

Anthea is our Senior Business & Legal Affairs Executive and General Counsel with 20+ years experience advising public and private companies in various technology and service, and heavily regulated industries throughout Australia and Asia.

Anthea advises Enviro Frontier on corporate governance, legal and compliance matters, HR and WHS and corporate strategy. Anthea has extensive experience in operating internationally, having worked in Asia and New Zealand, as a successful and respected APAC General Counsel, for Compliance, Governance and Business Affairs. She brings particularly strong experience with government relations, business intelligence, and high risked based businesses to our company.

Insurance Division

Brett Morgan, National Operations Manger, Australia and New Zealand

Brett Morgan

As Enviro Frontier’s National Operations Manager, Brett guides our tree partners utilising his decades of industry experience and arborist qualifications. Brett is a highly experienced leader in arboriculture backed up with hands on experience as a crew member. Brett has managed multiple crews, organised a diverse range of projects including those of large civil and commercial divisions of the industry.

Brett ensures Enviro Frontier have operational compliance through continual assessment and training, with a strong focus on health and safety.

Michael O'Hara, Business Manager - QLD based State Manager

Michael O'Hara

Michael is an energetic and proficient operations, sales and marketing executive, specializing in building and maintaining excellent client relationships adapting his approach to suit the diversity of his client’s needs. Michael uses his extensive industry knowledge to identify the unique requirements of customers and ensures that Enviro frontier as a whole meet their needs by developing and leading our QLD based tree partners, communications and customer care team.

Michael has managed and lead several high performing sales teams, aligning the strategic business plans with individual targets in order to ensure success. Michael creates best practice solutions for clients and develops our teams to meet these.

Charley Lamb, New Zealand Business Manager

Charley Lamb

Experienced in management, problem solving, research and analytical techniques. Strong interpersonal skills with an enthusiasm for education, and training. Charley was former Head of Department, Business Management, Law and Marketing, Faculty of Commerce and Director of Telford Division at Lincoln University. Charley is based in Central Otago and heads up our New Zealand business expansion. Charley has a strong understanding of business, analytics and education. Charley brings a wealth of knowledge in regards to the New Zealand market around governance, industry and commercial direction.

Charley has a degree in Bachelor of Agricultural Commerce, economics and econometrics from Lincoln College, Canterbury University.

Kate Galleozzie, HR

Kate Galleozzie

Kate manages the office team, with a background in HR she ensures Enviro Frontier is meeting and exceeding our obligations, providing appropriate communications and a secure environment for employees to feedback, promoting continuous improvement and job satisfaction. Kate oversees recruitment, training and the PA diary organization of the management team.