Enviro Frontier delivers on key council requirements

Collaborative Procurement: Leveraging with our buyers for commercial best practice to stimulate involvement/engagement/discussion/solutions all leading to better procurement

Consistent with Government/Council objectives: To include performance measurements and operational enablers. Identify value generation, data and reporting. Some of the key enablers from Tree Managerâ„¢ is people, process & systems, compliance & risk management, informed decision process whilst providing clear metrics, governance, accountability and planning.

Performance Based Contracting: Requirements based on outcomes, sets of indicators, achievable performance standards, defined process to collect, analyse and report on those indicators.

Supplier Risk: Both parties Enviro Frontier (inclusive of tree partners) and our Client are in an arrangement for continuous improvement.

Operating nationally, importantly acting locally.

Enviro Frontier prides itself on being able to provide a tree partner wherever a job occurs. Sometimes this is in a major city, and sometimes it is in a small town. A key reason our business has grown is because of these local tree partners.

Enviro Frontier by ensuring it fairly selects local tree partners whenever possible, and encouraging its tree partners to source their subcontractors, staff , materials and supplies from within their local communities, we find that the benefits both economic and social of just one job filters through to many others in the community.

Naturally the more work that Enviro Frontier can secure, the more supports its tree partners will be in each of their local communities, through increased employment opportunities for example. Enviro Frontier believes that our success is truly their [tree partners] success.

A major challenge for the smaller, yet quality and compliant local tree company is having the capacity and technology to undertake works for a larger Council. Enviro Frontier uniqueness is that with our support, compliance, technology and central management we allow the local providers as a group to be able to deliver efficient, cost effective and quality tree service. Enviro Frontier provides a platform for the local tree company to be able to develop and grow whilst servicing the local commercial area.

With our combined network of over 140+ tree partners; ensures Enviro Frontier has an agile work force of over 1,000 skilled tree people, over 250 trucks and chippers and a variety of cranes, stump grinders, excavators and elevated work platforms; all made up from the local provider.