Enviro Frontier backed by successful software

Winner: Most Innovative Use of Technology for Tree Manager

What sets Enviro Frontier apart from other tree management operations is our investment in technology to bring speed and reliability to our service delivery.

Network Communications

Sydney-based Enviro Frontier recognised a rising need for safe and reputable tree services in rural or regional areas as well as inter-state. Property managers and insurers who commissioned Enviro Frontier for commercial or residential tree services increasingly requested our crews to travel where required, putting an undue strain on our Sydney staff resources.

To ensure our service levels (and excellent reputation), in 2013 Enviro Frontier management looked for ways to network with professional tree service companies across NSW and Australia. Dozens made the grade for customer service, safety records and top-notch arborist qualifications and experience.

As a result, Enviro Frontier explored how to streamline connections in this on-demand industry where every hour counts for tree emergencies or service. Networking and communications needed immediate response. A digital solution was clearly the way to go.

Tree Manager and our software portfolio

Tree Manager was created to meet the real-time needs of tree service requests across Australia. Once a network of over 60 Tree Partners was established with thorough checks and screens, these arborists and tree companies became part of the roster of Enviro Frontier service providers dispatched by our web-based workflow application. The network of providers continues to grow and now includes tree operators in New Zealand.

Enviro Frontier owns (and developed) Tree Manager and continues to enhance the application.

Enviro Frontier has licensed our software to councils, governments and associations so they can benefit from this and other applications.

Our commitment to our software division allows us to move trade services into the digital era for more efficient and dynamic work processes. We can develop bespoke workflow software for any business and invite you to Contact Us.