Adam Jarvis

Since contracted to Enviro Frontier, we have been privelidged to have responded to over 180 Emergency “make safe” or clean ups for Enviro Frontier be it on behalf of SES or major Insurance Companies.

Our biggest work load thus far for Enviro Frontier has been assisting with The Hunter disaster storm clean up operations. Although not our immediate area we were contacted within 12 hours of the storm affecting The Hunter Region.

We gladly assisted and sent two operational teams consisting of full sized wood-chippers, large capacity trucks and 8 qualified staff. Our duration in The Hunter was 10 weeks.

The communications between Enviro Frontier’s call centre and Enviro’s management and my company staff was exceptional.

As well as delivering work instructions we were constantly updated with email/ texts/ and telephone calls. This professionalism certainly helped during a very demanding time.

The very user friendly web based portal Tree Manager, helped us out on the field (with our own iPad) and allowed us to be kept up to date with communications and locations constantly. We feel that being Contractors to Enviro Frontier has given all our staff confidence and above all has allowed our Company to be more secure in the current economic stature.