Jason Morgan

I have carried out the process and steps to become a tree partner, so in return enviro are feeding me jobs directly. I feel there is more scope to do the jobs at the maximum safety level as all requests to do with needing correct equipment for OH&S issues or property safety are always received with acceptance, basically we don’t have to take risks or cut corners.

In these storm events it’s always good to have the feeling that someone has your “back” or is supporting you.

There is also the feeling of added security when taking on insurance jobs, when you’re dealing directly with the insured at a property there is always the worry of the time payment is taken to process or if you are going to be audited. With enviro running the show this is there problem, gives me less to worry about and more time to be efficient with jobs. I have done my part and submitted the paperwork, photos etc. the behind the scenes items are up to them.

Personally, in all my dealings with Peter Dubiez (CEO) & Nadine Ward (Quality Assurance) they have been great. They are very approachable and are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of the clients and us as one of their tree partners.

Being able to have the Tree Manager System mobile app on hand is a valuable tool, to update jobs on site, as in a major storm/events, it’s easy to forget things if you don’t act on them straight away.

I think there are a few benefits that jobs all run through Tree Manager, which is a user friendly system compared to a number of other portals I have used.

Having work run through TM system from major insurance builders or clients is in my opinion much better as in a major storm event there is possibility for less calls to your phone , as insurance builders /companies, are running straight through to Enviro.