Joe Castle

The benefits working with Enviro is the amount of added work generated into my business at no added cost. The high standard of work to provide quantity service is stipulated which resonates well with me as my work ethic is to ensure quality work is carried out always. Variation of jobs makes my job interesting with challenges that keep you on your toes, further improving our services. Recently I was called up to assist in the devastating storm event in NSW. My crew work for 7 weeks makings safe tree on behalf of Enviro.

Enviro always keeps you motivated with the kind of work we receive.

Tree Manager System
This was a new endeavour for Joey’s trees and found to be very effective. Once you have worked with TM a few rounds, it is very easy. Writing on paper is eliminated, losing your paperwork and so on. Everything is on file within TM. Photos are taken on my iPad and uploaded instantly, it’s easy to open TM and communicate what is necessary, as opposed to phone calls.