Tree Partner Testimonials

Working With Enviro Frontier & Tree Manager System

" well as delivering work instructions we were constantly updated with email/ texts/ and telephone calls"

Since contracted to Enviro Frontier, we have been privelidged to have responded to over 180 Emergency “make safe” or clean ups for Enviro Frontier be it on behalf of SES or major Insurance Companies.

Our biggest work load thus far for Enviro Frontier has been assisting with The Hunter disaster storm clean up operations. Although not our immediate area we were contacted within 12 hours of the storm affecting The Hunter Region.

We gladly assisted and sent two operational teams consisting of full sized wood-chippers, large capacity trucks and 8 qualified staff. Our duration in The Hunter was 10 weeks.

The communications between Enviro Frontier’s call centre and Enviro’s management and my company staff was exceptional.

As well as delivering work instructions we were constantly updated with email/ texts/ and telephone calls. This professionalism certainly helped during a very demanding time.

The very user friendly web based portal Tree Manager, helped us out on the field (with our own iPad) and allowed us to be kept up to date with communications and locations constantly. We feel that being Contractors to Enviro Frontier has given all our staff confidence and above all has allowed our Company to be more secure in the current economic stature.

Adam Jarvis
Principle Arborist and Director
Woodvale Tree Services – Taree to Coffs Harbour NSW and beyond

"...the Tree Manager System allows us to work effectively on site with availability of all job details at one central location"

Enviro Frontier have provided access to another avenue of work, to assist with my business growth. After every job, Enviro carry out a survey (KPI) with insured and this feedback has further improved my own business more efficiently and we have become customer focused. During the ‘April Storm’ event in NSW we attended to assist with makesafe for 5 weeks.

Tree Manager System allows us to work effectively on site with availability of all job details at one central location. We can quickly upload photos and quotes which allows immediate approval to attend and makesafe jobs. This is especially productive working a category storm event where crews are working at a full capacity. I can contact the insured or Enviro directly, using the program communication page which allows a rapid response to provide services to the insurance companies, insured and ensures a favourable impact.

Jamie Nairn
Total Tree Service – South West QLD

"...the feeling of added security when taking on insurance jobs"

I have carried out the process and steps to become a tree partner, so in return enviro are feeding me jobs directly. I feel there is more scope to do the jobs at the maximum safety level as all requests to do with needing correct equipment for OH&S issues or property safety are always received with acceptance, basically we don’t have to take risks or cut corners.

In these storm events it’s always good to have the feeling that someone has your “back” or is supporting you.

There is also the feeling of added security when taking on insurance jobs, when you’re dealing directly with the insured at a property there is always the worry of the time payment is taken to process or if you are going to be audited. With enviro running the show this is there problem, gives me less to worry about and more time to be efficient with jobs. I have done my part and submitted the paperwork, photos etc. the behind the scenes items are up to them.

Personally, in all my dealings with Peter Dubiez (CEO) & Nadine Ward (Quality Assurance) they have been great. They are very approachable and are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of the clients and us as one of their tree partners.

Being able to have the Tree Manager System mobile app on hand is a valuable tool, to update jobs on site, as in a major storm/events, it’s easy to forget things if you don’t act on them straight away.

I think there are a few benefits that jobs all run through Tree Manager, which is a user friendly system compared to a number of other portals I have used.

Having work run through TM system from major insurance builders or clients is in my opinion much better as in a major storm event there is possibility for less calls to your phone , as insurance builders /companies, are running straight through to Enviro.

Jason Morgan
All Area Tree Service P/L – Central Coast NSW

"...Everything is on file within TM"

The benefits working with Enviro is the amount of added work generated into my business at no added cost. The high standard of work to provide quantity service is stipulated which resonates well with me as my work ethic is to ensure quality work is carried out always. Variation of jobs makes my job interesting with challenges that keep you on your toes, further improving our services. Recently I was called up to assist in the devastating storm event in NSW. My crew work for 7 weeks makings safe tree on behalf of Enviro.

Enviro always keeps you motivated with the kind of work we receive.

Tree Manager System
This was a new endeavour for Joey’s trees and found to be very effective. Once you have worked with TM a few rounds, it is very easy. Writing on paper is eliminated, losing your paperwork and so on. Everything is on file within TM. Photos are taken on my iPad and uploaded instantly, it’s easy to open TM and communicate what is necessary, as opposed to phone calls.

Joe Castle
Joe’s Tree Service – VIC

"...all documentation can be easily uploaded"

The benefits to our company are regular with an increase in volume of work managed by a professionally run company.

Tree Manager System is a very useful tool, as it streamlines the process that requires to be followed up when carrying out emergency tree works in the insurance industry. All documentation can be easily uploaded and job invoiced without fuss, and user friendly.

Matt & Tennille
T & M Tree Service – QLD

"...handling the work load on TM system proved to be very easy"

Since teaming up with Enviro Frontier approx. 1.5 years ago, additional makesafe opportunities increased our BAU work load at no extra cost to my company. Our first experience working in a Cat Event was via Enviro Frontier (Blue Mountains bush fire make safe). The work load increased to an all-time high. I was one of the first to utilise Tree Manager (TM) since this online system went live. After an induction training session and top up support, handling the work load on TM system proved to be very easy and a useful tool, eliminating much valuable time. It is easy and convenient, as you can upload costs and all documentation for immediate reference and authorisation to get the job done, through to invoicing from site!

Mohammed Abbas
Action Arbor

" is always there!"

Benefits of working with Enviro Frontier are the friendly, efficient and approachable staff. Support is always there! During storm season working with EnviroFrontier, ensured our business revenue increased.

As an owner/operator working on site, we employed an admin staff member to enter and communicate on all allocated jobs from Enviro through Tree Manager System, as well as look after our private books. We deal with all our paperwork side of things via this portal. TM is a useful tool and with support from Enviro Frontier’s staff ensuring we are able to utilise this system as easily as possible. Job information is up to date and allows our staff to access/upload information wherever they are at any time.

All new systems have a ‘breaking in period’ and Enviro are open to constructive feedback regarding TM system and the free App, which allows for further development improving the system, becoming, and even more user friendly tool.

Murray Frankcom
Murray’s Tree Lopping Services – Gold Coast QLD

" provides additional work to the business that would not be otherwise available"

The advantage to my business in working with Enviro Frontier is simply that it provides additional work to the business that would not be otherwise available. By the relationship with a number of entities including insurance companies and more recently SES a larger amount of work has become available to my business.

The online system allows the jobs to be allocated and processed without having to be in personal contact with Enviro Frontier staff. The process can be continued out of hours and when it is convenient for me. The online system is comprehensive and everything required in the process can be done on the system.

Peter Gray
Norther Tree Care – Northern NSW

"...this is an invaluable asset to our business"

The benefits of working with Enviro Frontier are many. It is always a concern operationally filling the days with jobs for our crews. Enviro Frontier provide us with ongoing works so that our revenue is maintained.

Tree Manager System is invaluable saving worthwhile time enabling us to manage effectively our jobs. When sent a job, 98% of the time it’s in the bag which is great odds! The time wasted quoting on jobs that aren’t won, is eliminated working with Enviro Frontier. Managing makesafe jobs particularly during an event, on TM makes pricing and documenting very simple. The benefits of collecting all the relevant documentary data on a job on site eliminates any potential for dispute down the line, and keeps our work flow entirely transparent. This is an invaluable asset to our business.

Peter Miller
Lead Estimator

"...the Tree Manager software enables us to build trust with clients"

Enviro Frontier have created industry connections and systems that we have not had the resources to develop. Working with Enviro Frontier puts us in touch with a higher volume of work and clients during extreme weather events. Our relationship with Enviro Frontier has increased the depth, strength and certainty of our business and has been a positive force in maintaining T&G Tree Services as a leading position in the local market.

Tree Manager gives us independence, control and flexibility to service client needs within a structured framework that benefits all parties. The Tree Manager software is great in its structure and transparency, giving descriptive information within a mobile and office platform, which allows us to access and review and communicate upon many multiple jobs in a short space of time. With open communication the Tree Manager software enables us to build trust with clients, building relationships and getting more done is less time, which is certainly the way of future business.

William Jones
Tree and Garden | The Green Yard Tree Services – Central Coast NSW