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Our Story

Tree Manager is the creation of Enviro Frontier, a recognised leader in tree service management. We started as a small residential tree lopping business in Sydney. As we expanded into commercial service work for strata agents and insurers, we were surprised by the shortfall in service and level of reporting. We believed our customers deserved better.

At the same time, we were receiving increasing requests for our crews to travel to rural and regional areas of the country, placing a strain on our city-based team. In this on-demand industry, every hour counts for tree service emergencies. We wanted to find a better way to manage safe and reliable tree works – anywhere in Australia.

We looked for innovative ways to partner with other professional service providers across the country who met our standards for qualifications, insurance, safe practices, and business ethics. Armed with 30 years' experience, and with the help of technology, we set about building a national network of first-class tree partners which could be accessed quickly and reliably through one easy-to-use online system.

Today our network has grown to more than 200 pre-approved tree partners across Australia and New Zealand accessible through our award-winning web-based software, Tree Manager

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Australian Small Business Awards 2016
Optus MyBusiness Awards

Award-Winning Technology

Enviro Frontier owns (and created) Tree Manager, and we continue to develop its performance with ongoing software upgrades and enhancements. Our investment in technology has allowed us to move trade services into the digital era for more efficient and dynamic work processes.

In 2017, Enviro Frontier with Tree Manager was recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Innovation in The Australian Business Awards. We were also winners of the 2015 National Yes Optus MyBusiness Award for Most Innovative Use of Technology. Other finalists' awards have included the Australian Small Business Awards for Services 2016 and 2017, and Entrepreneur 2016.

We are proud to receive awards that recognise our innovation and commitment to building a robust, easy-to-use workflow application and multi-level communication portal for the amenity, insurance, and emergency tree service industry.

Meet our Team

Our hands-on team of industry experts and data specialists set us apart from other tree management operations.