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Tree Manager, supported by Enviro Frontier is at the forefront of tree-related data and analysis – making it a rich source of business intelligence for our clients.

We capture core information from hundreds of tree work jobs for the emergency, insurance, government and commercial sectors. Our broad client base and diversity of tree partners means we can gain better insight into a variety of situations like storm events, routine maintenance or reactive tree works. We're also able to calculate the real tree cost impact of these cases with a higher degree of accuracy.

Here’s a small snapshot of just some of the data we collect:

  • Tree type, size, and health
  • Tree location and access
  • Tree damage and work required
  • Postcode area of property
  • Number of staff needed to perform the works

Understanding of the process and costs involved in completing a tree works job will help to foresee the ‘average cost of a tree’ based on its location and size on a property.

graphic of data analysis

Predictive analysis

Analysing past events for patterns or trends can help to predict future activity with a high degree of accuracy. It also allows businesses to make smart decisions about their future with cost-saving outcomes and competitive advantage.

Our data collection is the first step for future predictive modelling for tree works which could offer business-changing opportunities for the tree industry, like:

  • Determining the predictive cost of trees and their impact on a particular location at any postcode in Australia
  • Establishing fixed-price cost containment for storm events or routine works
  • Reducing administrative costs and increasing productivity
  • Providing greater accuracy in underwriting calculations and risk pricing
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Our expertise

We’ve formed a strong partnership with Cordell, a division of CoreLogic - the largest provider of property information, analytics, and property-related risk management services for Australia and New Zealand. CoreLogic has more than 20,000 customers and 150,000 end users in property, finance, and government. Its unique data, analytics, and workflow technology help clients to identify and manage growth opportunities, improve performance and mitigate risk.

We are continually refining our Tree Manager data collection and reporting in association with UTS School of Software (under the guidance of Dr. Asif Gill, Director DigiSAS Lab) so that we can offer future tree works insights, like:

  • Number of trees being pruned or removed on a job
  • Quantity and quality of mulch collected, and its removal
  • Number and size of tarps required during a storm event
  • Average canopy space impacted by storms

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To learn more about Tree Manager's exclusive data and analytics, simply call us today and we'll be happy to chat.

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